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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  September 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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antwan: a hist is day at intersection of communism and catholicism, i am antwan lewis. christina: i am christina park, pope francis' first full day in cuba was a busy one. antwan: fox 5's stacy delikat with the historic visit. >> reporter: that visit was with fidel castro, the former leader at his home, it was among the many events and a packed day for
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about spiritualty and politics. believers and nonbelievers packed into the revolution square to get a glimpse of pope francis on his first full day in cuba. he made his way through the crowd in his popemobile before taking to the stage to lead mass, pope francis use his homily to preach on faith and politics, he said that cubans should care for one another, not judge one another, said that cubans should serve each other, not an ideology, interpreted by some as a subtle jab at the communist regime. >> every one of his actions is gear today those people.
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pope met with former cuban leader fed e8 -- fidel castro at his home, they exchanged books accords to pope francis' spokesman. >> the pope was very happy about the meeting, some of the member of the family of castro were present, and the conversation was informal, and familiar. >> reporter: this weekend just the start of a packed visit to north america for pope francis, he heads to washington tuesday, here to new york thursday, then to philadelphia saturday, where he will lead the world meeting of families in a move he reloosed this youtube video today in english. >> i will be here. because, you will be there. see you in philadelphia. >> reporter: no special video that said see you in new york,
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come here, mean wheel he met with current cuban president raul castro. pope francis also addressed an audience of young people tonight, tomorrow part two of his cuban visit. christina: exciting thank you. antwan: new yorkers are preparing for the pontiffs arrival this week. the same on upper east side, near where pope francis will stay while here. security preps are already in place for his arrival. with united nations general assembly also beginning this week there will be a up stress denned gridlock nightmare navigating in and out of the city, lisa evers with what you would need to know. >> reporter: for anyone that lives or works in manhattan this week, it is about according carmageddon. >> any strategy, to deal with what is expected to be mammoth manhattan traffic.
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>> we tend to avoid the city when we are here, there will be crazy gridlock, to wait in traffic that long is crazy. >> reporter: this is the driver's nate mayor getting stuck on side street. >> i can't see myself driving in this crazy traffic. >> >> i'm going to use mass transit next week. there is no way to beat the traffic. >> reporter: there are so many street closures, you could use your day to plan to go through them all, starts east side wednesday, when u.n. general assembly is in session through october third, the area around the u.n. will be subject to closures, including the fdaccident in both directions. >> mass transit. >> pope francis arrives thursday evening from that time, through his departure late friday night, you can expect closures near st. patrick's in midtown, and the upper east side where he is staying.
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but not everyone is weary. >> keep driving. >> reporter: even though there are gridlock warnings. >> it's new york. what are you going to do. >> reporter: the public importance picture is looking brighter, every major commute are railroad is adding service, so is the mta, lisa evers, "fox 5 news." christina: the dire predicts about -- prediction about gridlock don't seem to be bothers everyone. fox 5 hits fifth off ni to see what people are saying. >> i think this is a special pope, and an interesting moment in the church. you know, everyone had trying times, they are all over the world, that is a great pope. >> good because, he is worried about like, many places, and he is like not only praying for them but comes here, and like, speaks the word of the lord,
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it's great. >> reporter: city officials urge people to leave their cars at home, and use public importance to get -- transportation to get to manhattan. antwan: the pope's visit is a wakening faith in the entrepreneurial spirit, licensed memorabilia are selling briskly in at least two stores, local entrepreneurs getting in for 48.95 you can get a post toaster. with the pontiff's image on them. >> it is more about creating something that is spreading love, giving joy to people, i can say it has been fun watching dough rise. antwan: the owners sell $20 pope shaped fresh mozzarella, . christina: more information on
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street closures head to our web site. >> a man's proposal to his girlfriend did not go as planned when the boat they were on capsized in the river, they had to be rescued about after the dragon boat they were rowing sank near college point queens, he just proposed. >> it went well without a hitch, it was just, making it back to the dock. thankfully, i held on to the ring. >> you think good thing i listened to him and didn't put the ridge in the dry bag. antwan: the boat had sank by the time rescuers arrived, everyone was wearing life jackets and safely taken to dry land. christina: in brooklyn, police released surveillance video in
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search for a suspect in a deadly triple shooting this morning in fort green. 76-year-old herbert brown was shot in the abdomen, taken to the hospital where he was died? tomorrow james blake, plans to meet with the mayor and police commissioner, mayor's office confirmed that the meeting is scheduled but did not release any other information, surveillance video shows james torre the police officer man handling blake to the group after mistaking him for a suspect outside of the high at this month -- hyatt this month. >> senator chuck schumer is calling for a crackdown on sale of 7 master keys, the 1620 keys are sold on-line, they can unelectric every elevator, control panel in the city, they also open lockboxes that contain
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keys for building, subway entrances and construction sites, firefighters use them to gain access during emergencies some worry they could be used for more sinister reasons like controlling elevators. >> you go to a electric smith. and say, copy this master key, they don't it is illegal. >> it is illegal for anyone other than firefighters, law enforcement personnel, elevator contractors, and inspectors and building owners to own the 1620 keys in the city. christina: things are heating up in the race for republican presidential nominating. antwan: we'll tell you what candidate is closing the gap on front runner donald trump. christina: we take you to a brooklyn clubhouse that certains as a home for aspiring artists, and, plus this --
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onstage, hello. audrey: good evening, today's temperatures were close to average. we're getting a feel of fall. i'll let you know when it will arrive coming up duke. duke: on "sports extra" presented by toyota, yanks and mets with the rubber game of the three game series, and giants with another fourth quarter loss, we work out with celebrity all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the
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thirst for the extraordinary.
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antwan: a new poll shows last week's republican presidential debate had a big effect on voters. christina: the latest cnn poll shows donald trump stalling but he still leads pack. the decrease of 8 points since before the debate. former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina jumped to second place, with 15% of those polled now supporting her, dr. ben carson with 14%. antwan: in response to growing refugee crises in europe, secretary of state john kerry. said that the u.s. will accept 85,000 refugees from the world next year, theny would be refer by u.n., and screen by department of hoax, and resettled -- homeland security and resetied
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is someplace in america. christina: the real world here in brooklyn. a group of aspires artists living it as they pursue their dream. antwan: there are no tv cameras no drama, we paid a visit. >> reporter: not what you imagine where you think of a home that 7 artists live, joined only by their craft, the common cord, a love of music, the idea to live with like-minded people who support each other's dreams was the brain kind of andrew thomas reid. he conceptualized it while traveling abroad in college 10 years ago. >> they are their own individual artist, they have a lane they are an expert at we build claprations -- collaborations around each home's expertise. >> reporter: andrew makes sure
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home is clean, and the bill are paid, the gain folk suts focus is the music. >> it is great. >> reporter: he said he is a little leary about live hire at first but now high loves it. >> i moved in the first night, i was like i don't know there is a lot going on, but then, i just loved it everyone is great. >> reporter: a few simple house ruling keep things running somethingly, quiet airs are 11 p.m. to 11 a.m., when the house does jam. the neighbors open their windows. everyone is super creative when it is time to jam as a group of the dining room is where they all come. >> have been a lot of comparisons to the real world but these housemates are not up invested in tv cameras or drama,
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they are working on a compilation of music and videos you can check out at brooklyn "fox 5 news." christina: a campaign is underway to designate the stonewall in at first national park honors lgbparticularsbt history, they will ask president obama to declare the stonewall a monument. a congressional vote on park status would come later, they can only be created by an act of congress. >> things are getting chilly. antwan: a little audrey what is going on with the nip in the air air. we're expecting temps close to 40, north and west of city, let's talk about today's highs.
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it was 79 in central park, that is a little bit above average for this time of year, we start with 70. that is mild. 67 is where we are at in the park, dewpoint, and humidity comfortable, we have a north to northeast win at 15 miles an hour that is maybing it breezy, and chile across the area, area wide we're in 60s across long island, and bridgeport down the shore in belmar, and further north and west, readings in 50s and 40s, i would not be surprised if we had a couple isolated spots where temperatures will drop to upper 30s by tomorrow morning. we have a wind out of the north-northeast, running 10 to 15 miles per hour on average. it will continue to be windy tomorrow with gusts to 20 miles an hour in afternoon, satellite radar, it is quiet, and clear,
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the northeast, set us up for a quiet night across the region, an area of low pressure is developing to the southwest, making its way offshore and run adjacent to our coastline as we to tuesday, that is why you will see clouds thrown in and leave in a chance for a couple of isolated showers along edges of long island and the jersey shore. tomorrow, as we start off our week, we'll start with a mick of sun, clouds across the area, and clouds will thicken up to remember this night, they are coming in ahead of the area of low pressure. that will be passing to the southeast, it will be close enough to clowe back clouds across the northeast, mostly cloudy tuesday, a threat of isolated showers hugging the coast along the jersey shore, the case tonight, we have clear conditions, breezy, cold, in
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fourths will be in upper 50 in network -- new york city area, highs will be about 70, we tax or in a gusty wind it will feel chilly at times, going to tuesday, watch out for cloudy skies, might need an umbrella handy. thanks clear out into wednesday, which is first official day of ought am season, it comes in early in the day, we're expecting a nice day with temperatures in middle to upper 70s, we stay in 70s until the ebb of the week, it looks to be quiet with our weather pattern. not much in the way of rainfall, we're all below average for this time of year. >> as long as it's not thursday when the pope comes. >> it will be dry. >> all right. thank you. antwan: history made at 67 annual primetime emmy award. christina: the emotional moment.
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out an angry tune christina: history was made at 67 primetime imies. antwan: mile taif is juan best actress for her role in how to get away with murder.
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opportunity. you cannot win an emmy for rolls that are not there. antwan: davis thanked those who paveed way for her and other black artists. we will have more on the emmys tomorrow morning on "good day new york" ." christina: patty la bell is not a fan of risque behavior, she was scolding a fan who started taking off his shirt onstage during a concert, adding i am not nikkei minaj -- nicki minaj or that little miley, la bell kicked him off the stage. antwan: she did the right thing. christina: it is her stage. antwan: we'll have more, we'll
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christina: we're going to need a sweater. antwan: right, audrey? audrey: it is getting chilly out, we'll have highs in 7s for next several day, feeling like fall, we usher in the new season wednesday, temperatures in the 70s to next weekend. antwan: bridge it on thank you. christina: that is it for our report tonight, i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis for audrey, and duke, remember that wake up on "good day new york"
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christina: stay tuned because
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